Look more and see more

My little brother who lives in Asheville stayed with me all last week.  Asheville is only 690 miles away from New York City but it’s not just physical distance that comes between me and my brother; having him around reminded me constantly that I spend so much of my time caring about and knowing about [...]

What I was thinking, is like a New Year’s Resolution

“is to stop getting caught up in my own thoughts, cause I’m like way too introspective, I think … but what if not thinking turns me into this really shallow person?  I better rethink this becoming less introspective thing.”  (via Bennett)

Obsolete cookies

Need a last-minute holiday present for friends and family?  Well, maybe don’t make these cookies, because they are kind of weird-tasting.

Another terrible idea for a present: a subscription to Match.com.  Here (aside from, passive-aggressive much?) is why!

For our sins

This is a picture that a Vice person took of part of the inside of the art installation in which I am doing a reading this Sunday at 4:30.  In the email I sent out about this event I cautioned people against dosing themselves with psychedelics before entering this place (“The Temple of the Dying [...]


Who knew Dan Humphrey had such good taste in literature?  Well, except Eating Animals.

We’ll even eat your hate like love

The day after the n+1 feminism panel I had lunch with my friend L.  L is a student at Columbia, among other things, and so she lives up in the Columbia neck of the woods with two dude roommates.  They aren’t students, though, just recent-grad-types, I forget what they actually do, I think one of [...]

What is Love?

I begin this book review by quoting the Haddaway classic ‘What is Love,’  which is familiar from many tv shows and movies (“A Night at the Roxbury”) but to me its quintessential deployment is in the “Life of Brian” aka”World Happiness Dance” episode of My So-Called Life.   This clip is long-ish but contains so much [...]