Good romance

Emily Mag readers with Cam Jansen-style photographic memories will recall that in September of 2008 I wrote about Dear Old Love, a “a new blog that is dedicated to the bitter, sweet, and strange things that anonymous people wish they could say to their exes.”  “I love how un-cagey its creator Andy Selsberg is about [...]

Powerful girls

Hi, there are some books you have to buy this week.

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Travel from Olympia (where everyone’s the same) to the Mychygan Wymyn’s Music Festival to the Spice Girls reunion concert via Marisa Meltzer’s revolutionary and engrossing book about how music [...]

Death and blogging

Yesterday I had a Google video chat with a group of Portland high schoolers who had been assigned to read and react to “Exposed” by the teacher of their Media Criticism and Analysis class.   As a graduate of Montgomery Blair High School’s Communication Arts Program, which included many classes in Media Literacy that are directly [...]

I’ll tell you no more lies

So I am having sort of an orgy of my worst Internet tendencies because I’m about to go totally offline — no phone or electricity even! –  for five days starting Friday.  In the interest of Getting It Out Of My System I made a page, where people can ask me anonymous questions. I [...]

Special sauce

Cooking the Books — Episode 4 — Jami Attenberg from The Awl on Vimeo.

No disaster

It’s not hard, we know, but I still think that my mastery of the art of losing is uniquely impressive.  Whenever I buy or am given any big-ticket item, I lose or break it almost immediately.  With rare exceptions, any big expenditure on my part turns out to be a mistake or a waste, usually [...]

Things my brain ate and loved

Instead of lying here in bed at dawn compulsively composing then deleting mind-emails to personal heroes that will strike the exact right tone of non-cloying self-effacement and non-obsequious flattery that will move them to consider blurbing (awful word) my book, I thought I would write about my dinner, and some other things I consumed yesterday.

(A [...]