In mid-January I started working at a job, envisioned originally as part-time and short-term, where my duties include managing a corporate social media presence.   As you can probably imagine, this is the most effective social media addiction aversion therapy I’ve ever had.   All that torment over the years about my ambivalent relationship with [...]

Laughing and crying

“Writing about the buddist here has been public display, of course, but it’s been a public display of trying to figure something out, I’m not sure what it is – something about desire, obviously, and the trajectory of mourning – but also about boundaries, about secret/public, about embodiment and meaning, and the fragility of the [...]

Online self vs. real self

After I wrote this column about Facebook I found I had extra bonus thoughts so I decided to put at least a few of them here.

When Gawker Media announced that all employees we were required to have Facebook profiles, in 2007, some of my coworkers were decidedly un-thrilled at this encroachment on their private lives.  [...]

Sweet Jewish Noodles

Cooking the Books — Episode 11 — Julie Klausner from The Awl on Vimeo.

Standing On The Side of Love

Yesterday in Asheville I went to Unitarian Universalist church services.

In situations like this I always find myself making a conscious effort to look around for something ridiculous because if I don’t focus on the ponytail and Jimmy Buffet shirt on the balding man in the row in front of me I will feel so awed [...]

“Dave is now married to this woman and both are pediatricians”

Why, as marriage rates sharply decline, are we more obsessed with the institution than ever?   Committed, Marry Him! and TLC’s crack-like horrorshow Say Yes To The Dress all made their way into this More Intelligent Life essay.

I also fought to keep the line that ends with the word “duh.”  I know you should kill [...]

Death and blogging

Yesterday I had a Google video chat with a group of Portland high schoolers who had been assigned to read and react to “Exposed” by the teacher of their Media Criticism and Analysis class.   As a graduate of Montgomery Blair High School’s Communication Arts Program, which included many classes in Media Literacy that are directly [...]