Upcoming: The Queer Novel + More!

Hi! There are a lot of upcoming events that I’m participating in, all of which pertain to other people’s books. (O.P.B., yes, you do know me.)   I thought I would list them all in one place. Well, two places, because I’m also going to post this on my other social medias.  Anyway, open up [...]

Reading at Prairie Lights!

Dear Iowan readers of Emily Magazine, or people in neighboring areas who might be able to make it to Iowa City by tomorrow night if they got in the car right now: I am reading in Iowa City tomorrow night, at Prairie Lights, at 7 pm!  Curtis Sittenfeld will be there as well to introduce [...]

Programming note: You can find me at Powell’s all week

I’m not really sure what to do with my Powell’s guest blogging gig.  After a couple of false starts I decided to just treat it exactly like Emily Magazine, for better or worse.

Good romance

Emily Mag readers with Cam Jansen-style photographic memories will recall that in September of 2008 I wrote about Dear Old Love, a “a new blog that is dedicated to the bitter, sweet, and strange things that anonymous people wish they could say to their exes.”  “I love how un-cagey its creator Andy Selsberg is about [...]