Bike snobbery

I generally resist ever blogging about my bike-riding adventures mostly because Bike Snob NYC exists and he says everything I think about while riding my bike so much better than I ever could.

The secret of that blog is that its author is not really a snob at all.  He is just a guy who rides [...]

Things my brain ate and loved

Instead of lying here in bed at dawn compulsively composing then deleting mind-emails to personal heroes that will strike the exact right tone of non-cloying self-effacement and non-obsequious flattery that will move them to consider blurbing (awful word) my book, I thought I would write about my dinner, and some other things I consumed yesterday.

(A [...]

Look more and see more

My little brother who lives in Asheville stayed with me all last week.  Asheville is only 690 miles away from New York City but it’s not just physical distance that comes between me and my brother; having him around reminded me constantly that I spend so much of my time caring about and knowing about [...]

The native cuisine of Park Slope

… is Anna Klinger’s malfatti from al di la.  Authors, please email me at the address above if you would like to pimp your book by spending an afternoon in my kitchen …

September issues

In a 1981 novel set in 1969, a newly megafamous author gets a letter from a TV producer.  “Dear Mr. Zuckerman,” it begins,

“For a number of years I have been planning to film a series of half-hour television shows (in color) to be called “A Day in the Life of …” The format, which is [...]

View from the Q train

Almost every day I get to look out the window at the water and the sky and the advancing skyline from the window of the Q or B train as it crosses the Manhattan bridge.  I have heard more than one person say that “The moment I stop noticing this view is the moment I [...]