Love is nothing like they say

I turned in the copyedited manuscript of Friendship on October 7th and since then I haven’t written or thought about writing anything besides tweets and emails. Which, to be fair, I have written MANY tweets and emails. But it is a huge brain shift away from thinking about the problems and characters in my book. [...]

People live and learn but you're still learning

While researching a This Recording post about how Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash’s love affair affected their respective artistic outputs — because, I guess, I have assigned myself to be the Us Weekly of 40 years ago? –   I fell into a YouTube odyssey of Graham Nash’s British Invasion band The Hollies, specifically, an odyssey [...]

What is Love?

I begin this book review by quoting the Haddaway classic ‘What is Love,’  which is familiar from many tv shows and movies (“A Night at the Roxbury”) but to me its quintessential deployment is in the “Life of Brian” aka”World Happiness Dance” episode of My So-Called Life.   This clip is long-ish but contains so much [...]