In mid-January I started working at a job, envisioned originally as part-time and short-term, where my duties include managing a corporate social media presence.   As you can probably imagine, this is the most effective social media addiction aversion therapy I’ve ever had.   All that torment over the years about my ambivalent relationship with [...]

“I was right”

Last night I went to a panel at The New School about the question of “what is particular about women’s depiction of sex and sexuality,” moderated by Sheila Heti with panelists Chris Kraus and Lynne Tillman plus, because the event was partially supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, two French writers, Emilie [...]

Ought You To Know?

In seventh grade I was sent to the principal’s office for making posters and taping them up in the hallways of my school. The posters deplored sexism in some way; maybe there was some school policy that I found sexist. I wish I remembered the details. I do remember finding it maddening and a [...]

Laughing and crying

“Writing about the buddist here has been public display, of course, but it’s been a public display of trying to figure something out, I’m not sure what it is – something about desire, obviously, and the trajectory of mourning – but also about boundaries, about secret/public, about embodiment and meaning, and the fragility of the [...]

Our graffiti

Lately because of Emily Books I’ve been trying to anatomize my own taste. It’s not that I have to figure out why I like the things I do but it would probably be helpful to understand my impulses as I try again and again to explain what these books do that’s different from what [...]

“Dave is now married to this woman and both are pediatricians”

Why, as marriage rates sharply decline, are we more obsessed with the institution than ever?   Committed, Marry Him! and TLC’s crack-like horrorshow Say Yes To The Dress all made their way into this More Intelligent Life essay.

I also fought to keep the line that ends with the word “duh.”  I know you should kill [...]

GIRL POWER at the 92nd St. Y Tribeca tomorrow!

This event will feature Supercute!, as seen above, Marisa Meltzer on Courtney Love, Sean Fennessey on Nicki Minaj, me on Liz Phair, and Elizabeth Spiridakis on Lady GaGa.  If you’ve ever wondered “what it feels like in the world/for a girl,” well, this ought to clear things up.