Standing On The Side of Love

Yesterday in Asheville I went to Unitarian Universalist church services.

In situations like this I always find myself making a conscious effort to look around for something ridiculous because if I don’t focus on the ponytail and Jimmy Buffet shirt on the balding man in the row in front of me I will feel so awed [...]

Programming note: You can find me at Powell’s all week

I’m not really sure what to do with my Powell’s guest blogging gig.  After a couple of false starts I decided to just treat it exactly like Emily Magazine, for better or worse.

Presence dear

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Three 11 or 12 year old boys were standing right behind me, so I eavesdropped on their conversation.   I was sitting crosslegged on the floor about fifteen feet away from the center of the floodlit indoor square where, for every moment the MOMA has been open for the past 41 days, Marina Abramovic [...]

People live and learn but you're still learning

While researching a This Recording post about how Joni Mitchell and Graham Nash’s love affair affected their respective artistic outputs — because, I guess, I have assigned myself to be the Us Weekly of 40 years ago? –   I fell into a YouTube odyssey of Graham Nash’s British Invasion band The Hollies, specifically, an odyssey [...]

Look more and see more

My little brother who lives in Asheville stayed with me all last week.  Asheville is only 690 miles away from New York City but it’s not just physical distance that comes between me and my brother; having him around reminded me constantly that I spend so much of my time caring about and knowing about [...]

View from the Q train

Almost every day I get to look out the window at the water and the sky and the advancing skyline from the window of the Q or B train as it crosses the Manhattan bridge.  I have heard more than one person say that “The moment I stop noticing this view is the moment I [...]

Greek salad

I was headed towards the cash register with a basket full of cleaning products and canned tuna and a bar of dark chocolate and one large beer when a couple cut in front of me in line.  They didn’t mean to; they probably didn’t even see me.  They were too busy talking to each other.  [...]