Love is nothing like they say

I turned in the copyedited manuscript of Friendship on October 7th and since then I haven’t written or thought about writing anything besides tweets and emails. Which, to be fair, I have written MANY tweets and emails. But it is a huge brain shift away from thinking about the problems and characters in my book. [...]

Our graffiti

Lately because of Emily Books I’ve been trying to anatomize my own taste. It’s not that I have to figure out why I like the things I do but it would probably be helpful to understand my impulses as I try again and again to explain what these books do that’s different from what [...]

I said pretend you’ve got no money

Penetrating the Park Slope Food Coop, over at Things I Ate That I Love.

Truths to be self-edited

Because this blog was a birthday present it is traditional around this time of year for me to post a state of the blog-union address.  Past editions of this post have been like:

“I need this blog! And I own that. I am not ashamed to need or to have a blog. Blog [...]

Vision of Love

Waking up after only a couple of hours of sleep and immediately plunging into intense activity can lend the activity the alternately surreal and hyper-real quality of a dream; I was thinking this at 7:00 Monday morning as I wrestled my resistant cat into his carrier.  He profoundly did not want to get into the [...]