Love is nothing like they say

I turned in the copyedited manuscript of Friendship on October 7th and since then I haven’t written or thought about writing anything besides tweets and emails. Which, to be fair, I have written MANY tweets and emails. But it is a huge brain shift away from thinking about the problems and characters in my book. [...]


“Back in the early days of New Narrative,” writes Dodie Bellamy in her book of blog posts The Buddhist, “when we were all wanting to be in one another’s work, I complained to Kevin, why don’t you write about me, and Kevin said he didn’t write about me because writing was an exorcism, and he [...]

For our sins

This is a picture that a Vice person took of part of the inside of the art installation in which I am doing a reading this Sunday at 4:30.  In the email I sent out about this event I cautioned people against dosing themselves with psychedelics before entering this place (“The Temple of the Dying [...]