Upcoming: The Queer Novel + More!

Hi! There are a lot of upcoming events that I’m participating in, all of which pertain to other people’s books. (O.P.B., yes, you do know me.)   I thought I would list them all in one place. Well, two places, because I’m also going to post this on my other social medias.  Anyway, open up [...]

“I was right”

Last night I went to a panel at The New School about the question of “what is particular about women’s depiction of sex and sexuality,” moderated by Sheila Heti with panelists Chris Kraus and Lynne Tillman plus, because the event was partially supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, two French writers, Emilie [...]


is not an adjective that describes Cooking the Books — yet.  I’m sure once they start having an Emmy category for Lo-Fi Internet Cooking Show we will be a shoo-in.  It is however an adjective that describes A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, which won a Pulitzer!  To celebrate let’s all re-watch [...]

GIRL POWER at the 92nd St. Y Tribeca tomorrow!

This event will feature Supercute!, as seen above, Marisa Meltzer on Courtney Love, Sean Fennessey on Nicki Minaj, me on Liz Phair, and Elizabeth Spiridakis on Lady GaGa.  If you’ve ever wondered “what it feels like in the world/for a girl,” well, this ought to clear things up.

Good romance

Emily Mag readers with Cam Jansen-style photographic memories will recall that in September of 2008 I wrote about Dear Old Love, a “a new blog that is dedicated to the bitter, sweet, and strange things that anonymous people wish they could say to their exes.”  “I love how un-cagey its creator Andy Selsberg is about [...]

Special sauce

Cooking the Books — Episode 4 — Jami Attenberg from The Awl on Vimeo.

The native cuisine of Park Slope

… is Anna Klinger’s malfatti from al di la.  Authors, please email me at the address above if you would like to pimp your book by spending an afternoon in my kitchen …