“Back in the early days of New Narrative,” writes Dodie Bellamy in her book of blog posts The Buddhist, “when we were all wanting to be in one another’s work, I complained to Kevin, why don’t you write about me, and Kevin said he didn’t write about me because writing was an exorcism, and he [...]

A song for you

“Are you going to write about this on your blog?”  Bennett asked, then hesitated: “Huh, I’ve never asked you that before.”   We were standing on the subway platform a few minutes after being asked to leave Karaoke Toto by the cops who were raiding it. I told Bennett that I felt like I probably had [...]

Online self vs. real self

After I wrote this column about Facebook I found I had extra bonus thoughts so I decided to put at least a few of them here.

When Gawker Media announced that all employees we were required to have Facebook profiles, in 2007, some of my coworkers were decidedly un-thrilled at this encroachment on their private lives.  [...]

Standing On The Side of Love

Yesterday in Asheville I went to Unitarian Universalist church services.

In situations like this I always find myself making a conscious effort to look around for something ridiculous because if I don’t focus on the ponytail and Jimmy Buffet shirt on the balding man in the row in front of me I will feel so awed [...]

Death and blogging

Yesterday I had a Google video chat with a group of Portland high schoolers who had been assigned to read and react to “Exposed” by the teacher of their Media Criticism and Analysis class.   As a graduate of Montgomery Blair High School’s Communication Arts Program, which included many classes in Media Literacy that are directly [...]

Look more and see more

My little brother who lives in Asheville stayed with me all last week.  Asheville is only 690 miles away from New York City but it’s not just physical distance that comes between me and my brother; having him around reminded me constantly that I spend so much of my time caring about and knowing about [...]

Truths to be self-edited

Because this blog was a birthday present it is traditional around this time of year for me to post a state of the blog-union address.  Past editions of this post have been like:

“I need this blog! And I own that. I am not ashamed to need or to have a blog. Blog [...]