A song for you

“Are you going to write about this on your blog?”  Bennett asked, then hesitated: “Huh, I’ve never asked you that before.”   We were standing on the subway platform a few minutes after being asked to leave Karaoke Toto by the cops who were raiding it. I told Bennett that I felt like I probably had [...]

Miss Information

When I was a teenager I would do this thing with my dad, who is a musician, where I would play him whatever Helium or Superchunk or Tori Amos or Pavement song I was currently obsessed with, to see what he thought of it.  Typically this took place in the car.  I would push the [...]

A Blonde Walks Into A Bookstore

Bennett’s new book The Blonde of the Joke officially comes out today.  It’s about sluttily-dressed teenage girls who shoplift from a mall in suburban Maryland, and if there is still some question in your mind about whether this or any book will be up your particular alley, I find that a handy trick is [...]