“I was right”

Last night I went to a panel at The New School about the question of “what is particular about women’s depiction of sex and sexuality,” moderated by Sheila Heti with panelists Chris Kraus and Lynne Tillman plus, because the event was partially supported by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, two French writers, Emilie [...]

Bike snobbery

I generally resist ever blogging about my bike-riding adventures mostly because Bike Snob NYC exists and he says everything I think about while riding my bike so much better than I ever could.

The secret of that blog is that its author is not really a snob at all.  He is just a guy who rides [...]

Bitch, please.

So yes, it’s a bummer that Michaela Watkins got fired from SNL but I have to say, I will not miss her Angie Tempura character one bit.  I never found this joke funny.  It’s too easy get cheap laughs by taking potshots at the Internet’s worst tendencies, and I involuntarily cringe when people do it, [...]

Greek salad

I was headed towards the cash register with a basket full of cleaning products and canned tuna and a bar of dark chocolate and one large beer when a couple cut in front of me in line.  They didn’t mean to; they probably didn’t even see me.  They were too busy talking to each other.  [...]

Full moon

At the station entrance at Metro Center in DC last weekend there was a sign — neat, professional — apologizing for broken air-conditioning on the platform.  How genteel, I thought.  Ever since I’ve been back home in New York the subway platforms have been obscenely swamp-hot, the humidity rolling up out of the ground from [...]

Being good

I had been whimpering, collapsing into Bennett’s lap while quietly moaning “You guys this movie is breaking me,” and miming wrist-slashing actions for about an hour and, okay, I concede that none of that constitutes ideal movie-theater etiquette.  But it wasn’t as though I was chatting throughout the movie or shouting things at the screen.  [...]