Laughing and crying

“Writing about the buddist here has been public display, of course, but it’s been a public display of trying to figure something out, I’m not sure what it is – something about desire, obviously, and the trajectory of mourning – but also about boundaries, about secret/public, about embodiment and meaning, and the fragility of the [...]

Presence dear

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Three 11 or 12 year old boys were standing right behind me, so I eavesdropped on their conversation.   I was sitting crosslegged on the floor about fifteen feet away from the center of the floodlit indoor square where, for every moment the MOMA has been open for the past 41 days, Marina Abramovic [...]

No disaster

It’s not hard, we know, but I still think that my mastery of the art of losing is uniquely impressive.  Whenever I buy or am given any big-ticket item, I lose or break it almost immediately.  With rare exceptions, any big expenditure on my part turns out to be a mistake or a waste, usually [...]