Marisa Meltzer on Cooking the Books!

Cooking the Books — Episode 5 — Marisa Meltzer from The Awl on Vimeo.

Bike snobbery

I generally resist ever blogging about my bike-riding adventures mostly because Bike Snob NYC exists and he says everything I think about while riding my bike so much better than I ever could.

The secret of that blog is that its author is not really a snob at all.  He is just a guy who rides [...]

Good romance

Emily Mag readers with Cam Jansen-style photographic memories will recall that in September of 2008 I wrote about Dear Old Love, a “a new blog that is dedicated to the bitter, sweet, and strange things that anonymous people wish they could say to their exes.”  “I love how un-cagey its creator Andy Selsberg is about [...]