The post-blog era

Hi, sorry I haven’t updated in a while!  Ha ha, that’s a joke that’s only funny to people who’ve read blogs for a long time.

Please find me elsewhere on the internet. I have a tinyletter now, as do we all, as well as an Instagram and a Twitter. I don’t think I will ever update this particular blog again, but its archives will reside here in perpetuity, links mostly unbroken, until I get too disorganized to pay the hosting fee or my ancient unupdatable version of Wordpress dissolves or the world experiences a techpocalypse that destroys the whole internet for good, goddess willing.

This was a fun blog for many years. We had a time. I love all the readers and commenters, except all the ones who told me to go kill myself circa 2007-11. This is definitely not goodbye, it’s just a change of venue.

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