Re: Things I Ate That I Love

This is for the person who searched for “Why did Emily Gould delete Things I Ate That I Love”?  I didn’t, I just changed its URL (stupidly, I think now) to  I wanted it to be clearer it was me when I reblogged or left a note on something, was part of my thinking?  This will be gobbledygook to anyone who doesn’t have a Tumblr.  Anyway, it’s all still there, very much so.  Someone else has scooped up thingsiatethatilove and is squatting on it, which is weird. Stop living in my old house, squatter, or if you’re gonna live there, at least repaint it.

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  • SteveRR

    Merry XMas Emily
    I love what you’ve done with the place! ;-)
    Elle est retrouvée,
    Quoi? — L’Éternité.
    C’est la mer allée
    Avec le soleil.

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