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After you watch Bryan Charles’ Cooking the Books you should spend some time poking around the new Blip show-page. It is nice there but it kind of has the eerie empty-building feel of a website that is unused to receiving visitors.  Like, there is one comment on any of the videos and I believe that comment is “first!”  We cooked a Mark Bittman recipe that involved frying pieces of chicken and their skin separately, to create crunchy chicken-skin topping.  We learned that I need to sharpen my knife.  Bryan’s book is sold here and no chickens were harmed in its manufacture.

2 comments to A Road to Everywhere

  • Simon

    I listened to Emily’s contribution to ‘How to pick up a poetry habit’ from the poetry foundation. Spellbound. Gobsmacked, even. Ah, the pressure of words – how to choose the right one to make a good impression? I’ll stop now – before I sound too much like a stalker. How do I say ‘I wish you’d blog more’ without sounding like a weirdo..?

  • Simon

    Ooh moderation? That means someone will read this, I do hope so. Please blog more. I only found Emily by accident on the poetry foundation, and was enthralled by her confidence, her openness – we don’t hear many people in the UK saying that The Beatles’ music should be locked away for twenty years. Sounded like heresy at first, but the Ob La Di argument was a clincher – I’d love to hear more. I have found her on twitter, but how do you introduce yourself in 140 characters or less? Or more precisely, how do you introduce yourself without sounding like some crazed loon? If you know, let me know?

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