Project Gayway

Henry is sooooo not a terrible homophobic bigot. Really! But for a long time his thing has been to make fun of things that I like by making up dumb nicknames for them that not-so-subtly imply that these bands/books/movies/etc/are not heterosexual. With the exception of “Belle and Fagbastion,” these nicknames are never puns — they’re even dumber than puns. I’m doing a bad job of explaining this. Here’s a good example: someone who was actually trying to be clever would make a joke about “Bareback Mountain” or “Bareback Mountin’”. Henry would (sigh . . . actually/did) call this movie “Gayback Mountain.”

So tonight there’s a dumb recap episode of a really dynamite reality show that I like to watch (in spite of the fact that there’s no clear villain or hero this year/but oh well). Henry called this show “Project Gayway.” This/in spite of the fact that “Project Runway” itself is pretty much the gayest possible combination of non-obscene words in the English language. Last night Alice and I drunkenly theorized that this is pretty much like being such a frat boy that you are literally like “heh heh/Queer Eye! QUEEER EYE!”

Actually/if it could be the same concept as Queer Eye except repositioned as a competition to be the most gay/Project Gay is a good idea for a reality show. File under ‘Who Wants to be an:00 AMerican Citizen.’

Posted by Emily at 02/22/2006 09:38:00 PM


wait – i thought i was a terrible homophobic bigot. i’m so relieved…

Posted by: h at 02/22/2006 09:46:00 PM

laird and i are currently developing a show called GAY COURT. it is like Judge Judy meets John Waters. note: i have registered it with the WGA/so NO STEALING.

Posted by: bmad at 02/23/2006 11:01:00 AM

I have always kind of wished that “Queer Eye” had been named “The Gay Team” instead.

They could have had cutesy ripoff-type names like Mr. T-bag/Assman/and Mad Hot Murdoch…

Oh/well. “Best gayed plans,” and all that.

p.s. How can you say that there’s no villain? Everything Santino does is a crime against fashion and against women.

Posted by: ray at 02/23/2006 11:30:00 AM

that’s true re: Santino. However/not to acknowledge the genius of his Tim Gunn impression is a crime against hilariousness.

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