Kathryn Borel’s failsafe butterpants hollandaise method

Cooking the Books – Episode 8 – Kathryn Borel from The Awl on Vimeo.

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  • Rebecca A

    I just had to weigh in on this. LOVED IT! I think THIS was the best episode ever. It made me want to buy the book. (And I don’t usually read memoirs…except yours of course, which I am awaiting. I will be the first person at my little B mall bookstore to order it I am fairly certain.) And I learned what actually goes into making this kind of sauce. Now I can impress my friends!

  • Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll

    I feel as though we missed out on the part of her hollandaise sauce making story where her father reacts to her having put the butter in her pants (unless this is the preferred method now for saucier’s the world over).

  • ow a paper cut

    Wait. The US is Canada’s pants—>Butter in pants—>Last Tango in Paris. So Canada:Brando::US:Schneider? Another entertaining video. I looked for Kathryn’s book at Barnes and Noble’s but didn’t see it. I did find Sam Lipsyte’s book.

  • Rebecca A

    Re: the book events.

    Addresses would be helpful for those without their finger on the pulse of all the hip places to have a book signing/event.

    Maybe add?

    (Yes, I know how to use Google.)

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