Momofuku pork buns with Sam Lipsyte and Ceridwen Morris

Cooking the Books — Episode 7 — Sam Lipsyte and Ceridwen Morris from The Awl on Vimeo.

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  • Sara

    This is by far the worst cooking the books that I’ve seen, the production quality has increased but the content has plummeted. First off the show is too short to have two authors on as a result basically no cooking occurs, and only the male author has the opportunity to give us an overview on his book. By not including the female author it appears that you don’t want to talk about the pregnancy book so why was the author included in the episode? Also telling your audience that the recipe you’re cooking is gross and fattening does not make for a good show about food…especially since you, not the author chose the recipe.

  • Rebecca A

    I was pretty interested to watch the episode after reading the above scathing review!

    So, I don’t think it’s a great idea to be cooking as you discuss pooping. And eating placentas. That was a bit weird. Em, you did bring it up, but Cerwidwen finished it, and unless your editors really LIKED the poop line of conversation, I have to assume she did not say much else about childbirth?

    I’ve read enough of your blog to understand what you meant by “gross” and you made pork bellies sound so good, I might even make them for myself some time. But no so much in this episode. More in your blog post from December. I loved the way you described the creamy gravy.

    The good news is, the guy’s book sounds good! Maybe I’ll get it!

  • Rebecca A

    Sorry for the “Em”!

    “Emily, you did bring it up, …”

  • ow a paper cut

    I thought this was well done. You’re braver than me. If I were face to face with two people who confessed to having a spoiled placenta in their fridge, I’d have insisted they wear Hannibal Lecter muzzles.

  • Gerf

    You sure have a lot of t-shirts with obscure logos.

  • Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll

    Jesus Christ people. After reading the above, it sounds as though you all had to pay to watch the video.

    Until you do, quiet down, please. There’s no reason for such vitriol.

  • Gerf

    I paid. I paid with my SOUL.

    (Okay, I didn’t actually watch the video.)

  • Aero

    Whatever, I loved this episode. I just bought The Ask due largely to this episode of Cooking the Books, and a review I read in SF Weekly. Oddly enough, I bought it at the book store in the Ferry Building here in San Francisco, and I had just missed Sam Lipsyte’s appearance there by like a half an hour! I didn’t know he was going to be there today–I would have scrambled to leave work early had I known.

    I am half way through it and already convinced it’s the best and funniest book I’ve read in the last five years, or maybe my entire life.

  • emily

    @Aero, RIGHT??

  • Aero

    @emily: right!!!! It is a phenomenal book. Everyone should buy it (don’t complain about it being in hardcover, people, it is SO worth it, especially for the jokes you can steal and impress your less-literary savvy friends with).

  • Jaybone

    Emily, you are such a pretty girl. It’s a shame your personal philosphy is so ugly.
    Maybe you just need a good man. I’m available.

  • Anna

    Emily please do something about your hair.

  • emily

    @ Anna, I will as soon as you do something about your bitchness.

  • Tiger Tiger Woods Ya'll

    It’s probably a safe bet that Jaybone likes your hair, for whatever that’s worth.

  • Johnathan

    As cute as you are, Em (shame about the tats, though…ick) I gotta say that the content here just doesn’t make the grade, nor does your participation help anything along.

    My advice…go get on with your life, fulfill you biological function and leave the internet to those that actually have something clever to say.

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