I’ll tell you no more lies

So I am having sort of an orgy of my worst Internet tendencies because I’m about to go totally offline — no phone or electricity even! –  for five days starting Friday.  In the interest of Getting It Out Of My System I made a Formspring.me page, where people can ask me anonymous questions. I have only deemed a couple of them too flat-out dumb to answer so far, and some of them have been brilliant, like “What are some songs that you would love to sing at karaoke, but are never ever ever in karaoke machines?” and “What’s your favorite thing about your best friend?”

UPDATE: Thank you for your questions; I’m sorry I couldn’t answer them all. If you are really dying to know something you can email me; I will get back to you after next Weds, when I’m back in the US.

4 comments to I’ll tell you no more lies

  • Hey, I asked the karaoke question. Glad you liked it! I’ve been to that Baby Grand night once, back in November I think. It was really cool; I did the one Pavement song they had.

  • emily

    Haha, what is it, “Cut Your Hair?” I wish I had been there!!

  • Oh, I wish. It was “Spit on a Stranger,” which I love, but would kinda rank waaay down in terms of Pavement songs I’d want to sing. I went to another live band karaoke thing maybe five years ago and did “Gold Soundz.” I’d love to do “Trigger Cut.” If I get back to that place again, I’d probably shoot for “The Laws Have Changed.”

  • emily

    Would totally caterwaul the Neko part alongside you. Let’s make a plan!!

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