If you text it I’ll … believe it?

Hi, just a minor programming note that wow am I ever doing a better job of maintaining an “internet presence” over at Things I Ate That I Love these days.  Maybe deciding to write only about food and cats (and other enthusiasms) is blog-inspiring? I don’t know.

But please don’t totally give up on this blog and remove it from your  … thing that you use to keep track of blogs, your bookmarks or your RSS reader or whatever.  I promise I will return to Emily Magazine from time to time with actual posts.  This is not one, unfortunately. Instead I thought I would do the one thing I don’t feel comfortable doing on my Tumblr which is: self-promote!  Wesley Yang and I were on CBC show the Q on Friday, talking about “are text messages romantic?”  (They are mostly not.)  I just listened to the show the whole way through and now I think we all ought to move to Canada. Canadians are — or their radio at least is — so civilized and smart, and also they didn’t give me a hard time about accidentally cursing (or mispronouncing my apology.)  Also, free health care.

Anyway here is the link if you are into downloading podcasts.  Perhaps you have a long commute during which you would like to fantasize about being Canadian, or count the number of times I say “you know.”

5 comments to If you text it I’ll … believe it?

  • DavidAA

    omfg u iz hot em. u iz lyk a lionezz on te zerengeti playns storkin her prey in te miday sun. wot r u doin ferzdai nyt?

  • I want to knock “like” outta Wesley’s vocabulary. He’s got it bad.

    I love your little giggle when the host asks you for examples of [Keith's] romantic texts, and you say, “Umm, that’s private.”

  • emily

    I bet the next time Wes is on the radio he doesn’t say “like” at all. He rarely says it IRL.

    I think actually I just couldn’t think of anything right away! So I was like “privacy”

  • homemade wine

    Good discussion.

    That’s funny that we can hear cars honking in the background – were you standing on your balcony when they called you? They sound like very New York honks too.

    I’m sure some people could argue that text messages are like car horns: some are urgently important, some are love taps, and others (probably many) are just simply excessive, superfluous, rude, grating and/or annoying.

  • DM

    Just for the record, the show is ‘Q’, not ‘The Q’.

    I’m a Canadian and therefore may have an intrinsic bias, but the CBC produces and distributes some of the best radio and television programs in the world.

    In large part due to the quality of the interviews, Q (usually hosted by Jian Ghomeshi) on radio, and The Hour (hosted by George Stroumboulopoulos) on television, are two of the most clever, best put together shows being made today.

    And as an added bonus, they are available for free downloads/streams (both audio and video) to everyone, not just residents of Canada. (cbc.ca/q and cbc.ca/thehour)

    But I digress. Great interview. I’m sure we all saw glimpses of ourselves being on the sending or receiving end of a text message booty call while listening. Cheers.

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