Cooking the Books

The first episode of Cooking the Books is now up on The Awl.  Famous authors who would like to star on future episodes should contact us at emilymagazine at gmail.   Many thanks to Bennett and Val for making this first episode so all-things-considered good, and to everyone who heroically ate cinnabons.

15 comments to Cooking the Books

  • Dan

    Oh my freaking God! Cake from the B-52’s!!! And cool shirts! Nicely done.

  • David

    The video keeps stopping for me after 1 minute 37 seconds, agghhh.

  • ow a paper cut

    That was fun to watch. I’m looking forward to the next one.
    Best of luck.

  • Rebecca A.

    Very cute. What a good idea. Maybe Oprah or someone will steal it, which would be nice, because then you could sue her.

  • “When you have someone helping you in the kitchen, sometimes you want to assign them little bullshit tasks so that they feel like they’re useful.”

    That might be my favorite part. Because it’s so true, and because of how nonchalantly you just said it to Bennett’s face.

  • Joe.

    That looks like my apartment in Minneapolis.

  • Rebecca A.

    Okay so I thought you might find this funny. So I went to my local suburban bookstore today, and even though I know I should have the release date of your book ETCHED INTO MY BRAIN, I don’t, alas.

    So I thought, dumbly, hazily, that maybe it was out already. So there I am, in Barnes and Noble, asking about your book.

    “Emily Gould” I said. “G O U L D.”

    “hmmm. And the heart says whatever” I thought he was giving me a skeptical look.

    I felt embarrassed. I had read about some guy who said the title was dumb, and I felt, rather ridiculously, self conscious. They obviously had never heard of you or of the book.

    “yes, that’s it. …. Have you heard anything about it?”

    “No actually, but hey, the heart DOES say whatever, doesn’t it?” the sweet young adult looking man said to me. A clerk behind him chuckled and said, yes, it sure does. They like me, it is true, because I stupidly spend a lot of money there, instead of getting books out of the library like a normal person. But actually, I don’t dislike the title. And I have a feeling I’ll LOVE the book.

    Anyway, they told me it comes out in May. So I said they should get some copies, at least one for me anyway.

    I had also been enquiring about a mystery writer I love, Joanne Dobson. Her new book “Murder without Tenure” …oh damn, or something like that, is coming out soon. I think maybe January. I had Joanne Dobson as a professor in college. Her mysteries are very fun, great reads. They had never heard of her either.

    “How did you hear about these two authors” the clerk asked, honestly interested. I told him about having Joanne as a prof in college and reading your blog.

    “Emilymagazine” he said. “I’m going to check it out.”

    So. Like it or not, there’s one more suburban reader for you.

  • sarah

    This is too charming. I’m watching this just having made Beef Bourguignon and am enjoying a whiskey sour so you see the conditions are perfect.

    Btw, I have learned the hard way not to measure salt over the actual mixing bowl. Now I do it over the sink. Apparently I have the tendency to look off into the distance while I measure 1 tsp of salt.

    Also, I seriously winced when he leaned on that rolling pin.

    Looking forward to your next show!

  • Tim

    Yum, can you post a link to the recipe (you said you got it at a mall or something?). I want to do an episode of Cooking the Books with my writer brother who just published a book.

  • emily

    Here is the recipe, Tim:

    This lady may be a Republican but she knows her way around a cinnabon

  • you should have obvs bought my book instead REBECCA A! oh well!

  • chris

    really cute idea. it will work better with a more engaging author.

  • Rebecca A

    Bennett—I forgot to ask about it! I am so sorry! I do want to read it. I will astound them with yet another cool author they have never heard of next time I go in there.

    Sigh. I guess all that marketing from “cooking the books” did not work well. I did make the buns, though.

  • Tim

    Mmmmmmm, republican b—h cinnabon!

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