I said pretend you’ve got no money

Penetrating the Park Slope Food Coop, over at Things I Ate That I Love.

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  • Rebecca A

    Okay, so, I am an upper middle class person. I am a college professor, and I teach English, and also, FWIW, I went to good schools. My cute hubby is professional. We are respectable, dammit.

    But, I admit it, I have, on occasion, used the “irradiated, plastic-jarred brand” of spices.

    Oh, God! Oh, sweet Jesus, the shame of it!

  • The Tumblr piece on the Co-op (and its follow up from the Linewaiter’s Gazette) is spot-on picture perfect. I lived in P Slope for 5 years and endured a love-hate relationship with the nabe for all the reasons you stated. I was a member of the Co-op briefly, quitting after starting a single parenting stint that happened after the spouse “went native” in P Slope parlance. It was no good to try and do that shift every month with a 3 year old, a dog, a cat, and no one else to help out! My old food co-op in Ann Arbor, actually named “The People’s Food Co-op” was less Maoist. Being a former labor activist, I also noticed the distinct lack of “labor” at the Co-op.

    You can fulfill your desire for bulk herbs at DiVine Foods on 7th Ave in P Slope or at the Flatbush Food Co-op (no shifts, less rules, great food and prices), which I am about to join. After 5 years, I decided to get 40% more space (close to 1000 ft2) for 40% less in rent and moved to Flatbush.

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