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Bennett and I and Jesse Dorris are reading this Saturday afternoon at 4 at Cake Shop, as part of the Enclave reading series. The Enclave series is, contrary to its name, open to all comers and free so please come see us!  More details here.  Free!!  And we will not go on forever because we know how much you hate that!

4 comments to You’re invited

  • David

    Quite fitting that gold-hued Em gets top billing, though your name does get the most Google hits anyway, which is the official “control” in deciding flyer billing in the internet era. I suppose that you won’t be in that notorious swimsuit for the reading. Ah, we can but dream.

  • Rebecca A.

    So the food tumbler now is where we hear your unrehersed voice, prattling on (and I do enjoy it) about funny things without worrying! I like it there too, but why the big divide? Why all the worry over here, and the seemingly happy go lucky, this-is-me-and-you-can-take-it-or-leave-it over there?

    Anyway, all I actually wanted to say it that I love/hate you for posting that Cinnebun recipe!

  • emily

    Ha, trust me, I hate me for the Cinnabons too. I ended up eating five in total

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