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Just a reminder that in the summer brain-melty absence of any long meaty posts here you will find shorter dispatches over at my food tumblr, where currently I am reporting on the lovable and unlovable foods of Moscow.  If you’re still bored after that,  read Bennett on what isn’t a writer’s job, Lukas’s always wonderful blog, and also I am super late to the party of new favorite Bike Snob NYC.

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  • Matt

    Thanks for the reminder! It was definitely worth it to read you mention York Castle Ice Cream:) It’s funny to have you call it Wheaton, when I always thought of it more as Silver Spring…

  • susan

    I love your food website. I came across your bread and cheese sandwich post and as I am avoiding all work and house stuff, felt compelled to share my favorite grilled cheese.

    Whole wheat bread + swiss cheese

    Sauteed mushrooms with garlic

    broccoli sprouts [alfalfa works but broc/sprouts are better]

    Sautee your mushrooms in olive oil with a smashed clove of garlic, set aside.

    Grill your sandwich as you might–for this sandwich I prefer stove-top & frying pan–when sufficiently grilled/toasted open sandwich and add mushrooms and broc.sprouts.

    Ok, I have to go put some linda ronstadt on my Ipod now.

  • emily

    @Matt, oh, you know? You’re right, I think … because I don’t know how to drive I sort of don’t know where anything is.

  • Mr Onion

    I was watching The Happening last night and eating tiramisu. There’s a scene a quarter of the way into the film where the wife of Marky Mark’s character says to her secret admirer, “Look, all we did was eat tiramisu together. I’m starting to feel like this is Fatal Attraction. You! really! need! to! chill! out!” My ears perked up and I said, “What’s tiramisu?” It sounded like an exotic Lebanese dish or something. I pictured the two illicit lovers sitting there in a restaurant with plates full of rice, lamb kabobs, falafels, baba ganoush and grape leaves spread out before them. It sounded like she had committed quite a sin, and I doubted whether she would make it or if the killer pollen would sense the destructive duplicity in her. Then I flipped down the lid of the plastic container that contained the cake I had just finished and saw the words TIRAMISU printed on the label. I thought I was hallucinating at first! As if the words were an eery echo of the film stuck in my eyes being projected onto the plastic supermarket package. When I realized that I had just in fact eaten tiramisu, I said, “No shit! So that’s what tiramisu is. Strange.”

    I guess I need to have a more sophisticated awareness of food. The trick is to be able to describe what you ate on a certain occasion and how it tasted without sounding like you are just spitting back a restaurant menu. Menus aren’t always reliable because they can make even the most mediocre foods sound gormet. Oftentimes menus will describe a meal using a foreign language to make it sound more exotic: “Carne con queso baked with cebollas y papas with a ensalada de primavera.” This sounds sleek and fancy until you realize that it is just some type of meat cooked with cheese, onions and potatos that is served with a spring salad. Or if you are ordering a bottle of “vino tinto” you are simply ordering red wine. Should you pay more for a bottle of red wine simply because it is called vino tinto?

    Just something to think about. I usually notice these things on the 2nd or 3rd trip to a restaurant. The first trip kind of blows you away, second time is still pretty good, but by the 3rd visit you’re like, “God, they go crazy with the garlic at this restaurant.” Maybe talk about garlic breath and garlic gas.

  • GO TO THE VIKING SHIP!!! Report back!

  • I really love your food tumblr!

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