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I started a Tumblr about the situation in Iran.  Just kidding, I started a Tumblr about Things I Ate That I Love.  It exists to catalog and sometimes minorly analyze or contextualize the things I ate that I love.  It features blurry cell phone photos of same.  Sometimes there are also pictures of my cat or other people’s cats and minor analysis or contextualization of foods that I or you might eat and love, or not love, at some point in the future. And that is the sum total of what to ever expect from this Tumblr.

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  • Mikaela

    contrary to that hater guy with 99 problems, I am thrilled about this blog. I adore your food writing. Even though I think we have very different tastes in food (I’m a really picky eater with about 4 foods that I will consistently enjoy), I basically think everything you describe sounds delicious. my new favorite thing is to read TIATIL while eating.

    also, Raffles is so fucking adorable I can’t stand it.

  • Rob

    Cat loaf…I love it.

    Plus, when I was in L.A. last summer I ordered the Chinese Chicken Salad at almost every restaurant we went to. Apparently it’s on the menu at, like, half the places in Southern CA.

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