I figured out how to get the pictures I take with my phone off my phone today!


This is one of two pictures that I took in Russia — the other is of a nondescript building with some parked cars in front of it.  I am a hopeless failure at documenting my life via photos, it turns out.  It’s probably for the best. Anyway this photo depicts the corner of a newsstand in the Sheremetyevo airport.  A few feet away, a group of people stood around a smokers’ counter with vents and ashtrays built into it, smoking.  Yes, smoking in the airport! Season One Carrie Bradshaw would’ve approved.  Speaking of, yes that is a magazine called Sex and the City.

(Also yes that is my Wallabee-clad foot.  I like to wear my Wallabees when I travel.  Critics suggest that my Wallabees are just hideous as Uggs, but note that Ghostface Killah did not ever write a song about Uggs.)

6 comments to I figured out how to get the pictures I take with my phone off my phone today!

  • I’m impressed! I haven’t even figured out how to take a picture with my phone, but a friend of mine sent me — i.e., my phone — some from his phone in London, and I was like, “can’t you e-mail them to me?” (because of course I wanted to post them) and he was like, “umm, no?”

  • Marie

    I’m all for photos on blogs. ;-)

  • Alfredo de la Rosa

    Citizen photojournalism/photoblogging one-shot demo. vimeo to follow?

  • TC

    The mobile upload feature on Facebook made my travels a lot more fun.

  • Chuck

    Yo, check it out – Boom. I got a crazy idea how to do Clarks now. Check it out. Boom. This is how you freak ‘em. Boom. You go get the cream joints, right? Boom. Now, now, all you dye…

  • Joey C

    Just in case she wanna play, get up in that bitch face
    and tell her Ghost said, “Take your clothes off!” (“one”)

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