I will wear the bottoms of my Hypercolor trousers rolled.

At Opening Ceremony right now they have these scarves that change color when you press or blow on them because they’re heat-sensitive — they’re basically this $30 BS stocking stuffer that someone will be disappointed to receive if you gave it to them in an Opening Ceremony bag.  My friend Marisa and I were playing with them near the counter and I made the obvious observation that they were “just like Hypercolor!”

And the beautiful salesgirl was like “What’s Hypercolor?”

Generra Hypercolor tshirts were made of this same heat-sensitive fabric, and while I didn’t own one in 4th grade my cool friend Alison did.  The cool/weird thing about having a Hypercolor shirt was that it gave people carte blanche to come up and plant their hand in the middle of your stomach or chest, because it would make a handprint.  And then everyone would be like “Oooh” while the handprint faded.

The salesgirl didn’t know about this, though, because when I was in fourth grade she was wearing DIAPERS. Not, presumably, Hypercolor diapers.

The next cool thing after Hypercolor was oversized tshirts featuring Looney Tunes characters wearing hip-hop clothing, so maybe that will come back next.

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  • they sell hypercolor at american apparel now too, and it makes me realize that nineties revivalism makes me feel old, because I identify on the gen-x side. I wanted to make a shirt (maybe a hypercolor shirt now) that says “too young for nirvana, too old for the strokes.” I think that more or less sums it up.

  • emily

    Yeah I saw those! (I found out about them from Wikipedia, that’s how cool I am). Weirdly I hated and felt too old for the Strokes when Is This It came out but now when I hear it it makes me feel intensely nostalgic for 2001. I guess 2001 revivalism isn’t so far off. American Apparel will have to start making Seven For All Mankind jeans.

  • Where do the Bart Simpson “Don’t have a cow, man” size XXXL’s fit into the timeline?

  • (1) I still have a pair of hypercolor socks (they go from pink to REALLY pink); they are the oldest clothes I own, and my 4yr old thinks they are boss.

    (2) My wife and I went to see Beck a few weeks ago, and our babysitter said, “What are you doing tonight?” and we said, “We’re going to see Beck,” and she said, “I don’t know them. Are they a musical group..?”

  • This is a fabulous title.
    I have seen the tie-dye wringing, each to each.

  • I had TWO.
    Hypercolor T-shirts, not diapers.

    And rather than the typical first grade class mate coming up to me and sticking their hands on my clothes, I distinctly remember standing in front of my class for show-and-tell, and one boy coming up, pulling the corner of my hem, and sticking his mouth on my shirt, breathing hard.

    Such intimacy hasn’t happened since.

  • Ashleigh

    Yeah – the idea of hypercolour shirts appealed to me when I was young. But after the cool boy in my 5th grade class was ridiculed when his sweat stains were brightly coloured, the novelty wore off.

  • Chandler Levack

    An ex-con hit on me at a Puerto Rican resturant on Montrose wearing an oversized Looney Toons hip hop t-shirt. He told me I had the “face of a white woman and the body of a Domican princess.” So I guess he’s just ahead of the curve.

  • No fashion fad can ever match those puzzle rings that were so popular when I was in junior high, and then again in high school, and then briefly again in college (okay, I’m old), and which have now yo yo’d in and out of most women’s lives so many times they can be used to evoke any sentiment one cares to attach to them–irony, nostalgia, kitsch–they are the the swiss army knife of cutesy, romantic gifts. But best of all, they give you a perfect reason to touch her hand.

  • OMG. I maintain that if that beautiful salesgirl was in any way worth her salt style-wise she would know from HYPERCOLOR. I understand ignorance of the google-proof Multiples or obscure, zoobaz-esque SKidz, but HYPERCOLOR? Please.

  • alex

    i had a couple of those looney tunes tees, i used to wear it with my baggy purple jeans.

    and i also had an outfit emulating bugs bunny’s apparel from said shirt. that was my favorite hoodie ever.

  • I had a coffee mug like that, with eyes that you couldn’t see until you put hot coffee in. Then they lit up. I used to love giving that to visitors, freaked them out all the time!

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