Busy day.

Sometimes I forget that Doree and Jessica’s blog of Mom emails exists and then something reminds me (my Mom sends me emails too, which I am not allowed to forward or discuss on pain of death) and I go look at PFYM and it’s still one of the funniest things on the Internet. For example, this one about LOLcats: “I don’t like the stuff with kitties using bad English and spelling- I imagine they speak with a perfect British accent. and are particular with their spelling and punctuation!!!” I immediately had the same thought as commenter M: “Mom makes a website of funny kitty pictures with proper British English. I would look at it.”
funny pictures

Yeah, I would too.

2 comments to Busy day.

  • Okay, also? Last night I was in a bad mood and I realized that the only thing that could cheer me up would be LOLcats, and guess what? The real ones are STILL FUNNY! It was amazing! I instantly felt better! LOLcats are the new Prozac!

  • I forgot what a sucker I am for lolcats (and cats in general I suppose, they’re like the little court jesters of their abodes, aren’t they?), always nice to start the day with a laugh! Cheers :)

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