I only hear what I want to


I know this is not going to make sense to anyone except the 10 dorks who follow blog politics closely, but tonight was kind of historical because I finally met and accepted the apologies of Andrew Krucoff, who has led a cabal of bloggers over at Young Manhattanite in being … let’s just say unsupportive of me, in ways that started out predictable and eventually just got weird. Well, I still think Krucoff is crazy but now I see where everyone was coming from when they told me he was the benign kind of crazy, and we had a nice talk that culminated in my singing him a Lisa Loeb song (long story) (haha, nine of ‘em!) (um, they served us a lot of drinks but not a lot of food, at this thing).

And then my car of the Q train on the way home was covered in those ‘get off the Internet’ Dentyne ads:


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  • 99

    Honey, this isn’t a women’s studies seminar. Some of us just aren’t that impressed by your writing yet. And know that Andrew is sort of like Bill on that episode of News Radio when he meets Chuck D. But thanks for introducing the tiresome language of victimization into a discussion on merits. For the record, most of us, whom he does not lead (he hates being The Boss, ostensibly), strongly opposed running that video.

  • arthur

    Why are these two people hanging upside down?

  • Ha, yeah, Ben Kunkel definitely wouldn’t have done this.

  • fek

    Oh, christ. Throw the bus on me, huh? Well, I’ll pass the buck, too: I was given that video and told to write something snappy. And then was told we’d take the video down, which I was okay with. And for the record, I feel like shit about that post above all others. 99 speaks for the trees and himself; I have, for the record, written the following:

    Gould has a fierce, firey voice. (March 9)

    I think Gould is a solid writer. (March 6)

    Taken out of context, it’s all nice and shit – it is all nice “and shit” – but I feel like a dickbag for even making note of the situation in the first place. I found better things to blog about – like Speech & Debate! And I will buy the book.

    So: I’m sorry. And if I ever run into you, I’ll buy you a drink, and we can talk about what a great song “Gypsy” is. Seriously. That guitar line is incredible.

    PS. Remember that time Gessen called Andrew a pussy? He warn’t lying. But he also missed the point: we’re all pussies. So it goes.

  • do u have a krush on him? Or is it more of a Squash thing? Because I wonder why you mention the kissing dentine thingies unless they were relevant?

  • 99

    Dude, I’m not blaming you for the video. I only wanted it noted in the most appropriate place that in a fairly long history of critical comments, most of which I’m happy to affirm, attribute and discuss, that was a gross lapse of judgment, and it angered me that whether I was being glib or more self important all along, means I have to own that as part of the history. I was willing to eat that, but since we are all about the New Transparency, I felt like I could distance myself from that particular episode.

  • Krucoff plays squash? Can I watch?

  • Rebecca A.

    @99: Geez. So good. You got that off your chest. Now go away.

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