Anyone who has ever gone through a phase of needing to always sing ‘Since U Been Gone’ and/or ‘You Oughtta Know’ at karaoke will appreciate Dear Old Love, a new blog that is dedicated to the bitter, sweet, and strange things that anonymous people wish they could say to their exes.   I love how un-cagey its creator Andy Selsberg is about how this breed of blog now essentially functions as a book proposal: “I’ll admit: it has long been a dream of mine to do a Point of Purchase novelty book,” he writes in the blog’s introduction.   If you can’t wait until you stumble across the book version of this on the Valentine’s Day table at B&N in — hmm, could they crash it through for ‘09? — then you can always click on that link and read it right now.    And then expect to spend a few minutes considering whether there is anything you wish you could say to your exes and then deciding, after thinking of the totally perfect thing, that you’ve probably said enough already.

Speaking of ‘plugging things people I know did’ and also ‘books,’  I am planning to cook a recipe from Eefers’s new casserole cookbook tonight.

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  • Every time someone karaokes “You Oughta Know” Dave Coulier bows his head in regret.

  • Oh God, I hope it’s one of the good ones.

    And I will blog this tomorrow. And probably contribute to it. Regularly.

  • I would retort to the last thing she ever told me with, “No, somebody actually is going to love me as much as you did.” Why do women seem to think that their love is better than what any other woman could give? (Love is all about chemistry — it really is that simple — and we just didn’t have it.) Three years, and someone already has loved me better than she did. Hell, a couple have. I just haven’t been in love with them. Just like I wasn’t with her. I haven’t spoken to her since, nor have I been inclined to, and probably cuz that’s prolly the only thing I’d have to say. So I don’t. Casseroles either rock or suck, there’s no in between.

  • It sort of reads as a not-so-earth-shattering version of Post Secret

  • emily

    @Bill, Yeah but it’s kind of nice to have all the ones about eating disorders and the-baby’s-yours weeded out, right?

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