Dinner for three


Fourth of July weekend was really just about food. This is a blurry cell phone picture so you can’t tell that what we’re dealing with here is a whole trout stuffed with garlic and herbs and lemon, scallops, the marinated kale salad from HBS!, pasta with tomatoes and mozarella and basil, and a fresh corn and avacado salad with grilled shrimp in it. Oh and also RC’s midwestern potato salad, which has little pickles. We ate it all and then we ate dessert.

A reader writes with concerns about the comments here that basically boil down to: ‘It’s okay if people comment on your blog insulting you, but it’s not okay if they comment insulting other people. You shouldn’t approve those comments.’ Huh! This reader also says, ‘Every blog gets the commenters it deserves.’ And, ‘The Internet doesn’t have rules, but it should.’

I’ve never formally articulated a comment policy here, but elsewhere I did write that I never delete comments. The logic behind that decision was, basically, that blogs should have comments, but that I don’t want to be in the position of policing my comments. Maybe this reader is right and I shouldn’t let people wage their anonymous battles on my turf. But I don’t want to spend time weighing comments’ merits because, in spite of the yoga books I’ve been reading, I’m still pretty sure we all only get one lifetime.

So I’m going to try a no-comments thing for a while and just see how that goes (I think everyone does this at some point, right? It’s sort of a rite of blog passage.) If your wish that I’d get hit by a bus is still so fervent that you absolutely must let me know about it somehow, you can send an email to emilymagazine at gmail. And hey, maybe sometime between logging into your anonymous email and typing the words and hitting ’send’, you’ll pause and wonder, for a moment, about what you think you’re accomplishing, doing that!

Or not.

Also, I won’t publish anything without permission.

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