What’s fun is when

you decide something that had been written in the third person should be written in the first person now, and so you do a find and replace for “she” and “her”, only to find that your narrator is now Eliza Doolittle, or a pirate.  (“I notices when I wakes up in the morning …”)

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  • Stalker of Gawker

    Reading books about the influence of internet rumors on the privacy of the GP is a dead giveaway.

    You’re even cuter in person that you are on CNN.

  • [...] saw me reading this book on the subway and wrote a comment about it on my blog.  If I saw me reading that book on the subway I would think it was funny [...]

  • You ARE cuter in person. The first person, that is.

  • Figured if I put this here, you’re more likely to find it.

    The NY Times piece is incredible. So far this year, I’ve viewed about (checks Google account history…) 10,000 sites. Probably read double that in articles. And that was one of only 5 pieces I can recall being so entranced by that I read every word.

    Thank you for entertaining me. Thank you for sharing that. And thank you for not stopping writing/blogging.

  • Jamie

    I agree with Pete. The first interesting article the NY Times Magazine put out in months or even years. I was about to cancel my paper!

    It was very entertaining and please never stop writing!

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