And that’s for all of time

rivers.jpgLast night Bennett and I were sitting in a gay bar filling out a questionnaire and one of the questions was about our taste in boys, like, our type. Today, still thinking about types, I went and listened to the new Weezer single, which is about how Rivers Cuomo worries that he should be using Rogaine and collaborating with Timbaland. I don’t know whether I agree with Ben Greenman that this makes the song lyrically “substantive.” Anyway, I mostly remembered deciding at age 12, circa the ‘Buddy Holly’ video’s MTV omnipresence, that Rivers was the ultimate boy. You know: Smart and talented but sensitive and insecure — insecure in a way that’s maybe a little toxic because it bespeaks a perpetual struggle with being a onetime resentment-filled dork who’s now desirable. I, like, imprinted on this shit. I suspect an entire generation of girls did. Rivers Cuomo, so much to answer for!

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  • Imprinted is exactly the word for it. The glasses, too. Damn.

  • Andrea

    So funny. James Spader did it for me. I liked troubled, slightly snobby rich boys for a long time.

  • Thank you Rivers, for every girl who’s ever liked me.

  • YES. My bearded, bespectacled, music-geek husband is totally because of Rivers, I suspect. God, I’m so glad that you figured this out, it would’ve never occurred to me.

    Also, I’m here because of your article in the NYT, which I loved.

  • Brag

    Seeing as how I’m only 14, I missed the best time for Rivers idolization, but I’m crazy in love with him now. Not for the crud like Beverly Hills and the new album, but because of songs like Buddy Holly and El Scorcho. Who doesn’t love vulnerability in a man? I think it’s adorable. Too bad Rivers is married (and a dad, apparently).

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