The funniest thing I’ve heard all week

Last night Ruth and I went to Trivia Night.  One of the most fun things about Trivia Night, besides the fact that it makes you feel incredibly stupid and like everyone is reading a different Internet than you are, is that you get to pick a team name. We presciently decided to call our team “The Losers.” Another team picked the name “Sad-eyed Lindsay of the Lohans.”

Okay, it hasn’t been a very funny week.

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  • Well, until now. This post made it for me.

  • Mattical

    I know the Crocodile Lounge (14th St.) has a good trivia night Wednesdays. I’m friends with the team Sad Astronaunt named after Lisa Nowak. They have a shot named after them there due to their many victories. “Sad-Eyed Lindays…” is pretty hilarious.

  • [...] Jayne Mansfield is the real predecessor to today’s media attention hungry harlots like Britney Spears, and Lohan. Or as Emily Gould’s rival pub quiz team called her, “Sad Eyed Lindsay Of The Lohans.” [...]

  • Alice

    dude! where do you go for trivia night? I went last week at Pete’s Candy Store and Andy almost got into an altercation with one of the hosts! They all went to Yale and the questions were like, “Which Neutral Milk Hotel song did we all listen to like 800 times in the dorms…at YALE?”

    We named our team “And You Shall Know Us By Our Trail of Right Answers”

  • Alice: Was that the night Jonathan hosted? With a “Match Game” round and songs with whistling? We left partway through the second round. Ugh ugh ugh. I’ve seen him host twice before and that Yale thing is exactly the kind of crap he would pull. Smart guy and ambitious in his questions but exactly the wrong temperament you want in a quizmaster.

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