Oh my god

Emily Magazine has been defunct since late summer and now it’s back up and running, sort of.  Apparently it will take some time to make it look pretty again.  Everything to do with the technical aspect of making this blog work has always been beyond my comprehension, and, in an eerie way, the blog’s fate has dovetailed with my feelings about being public and being private and also my moods.  The last time it broke, I was in the mood to just be like “fuck it.”  I was writing all day on Gawker anyway.  I had the opposite of anything to say.

Then recently I realized that I had stopped caring about the Internet, which felt, to me, a lot like stopping caring about life. “Did you hear about thing X, thing Y, or thing Z?” people would ask and I would have to be like “No. No. No.”  Boring!

Did I no longer care about the Internet because because I was no longer a part of it? I decided to find out by hassling my friend Dean until he once more heroically fixed my blog. (Some people don’t understand how it is possible for a blog to be broken.  It is possible for anything to be broken).

Anyway it seems like people are blogging a lot right now, even people who had never blogged that way before or people who had taken a long hiatus from blogging. Maybe this is the beginning of a blog renaissance.  Maybe I will hit you up soon with some deep thoughts about a food I ate or a tv show I saw!  Dreams.

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