Possible Career Directions

*Creator of Scattergories: Genius Edition. Because, seriously Milton Bradley. “Types of drinks?” “Things at a football game?”
*Yooooooooga teaaaaaaaacher
*Writer of memoirs with recipes
*Professional knower of the lyrics to songs

I’ll keep thinking.

So! I went on vacation and now I’m back. I brought two books with me and I didn’t read much of either of them. The books were: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert and Heat by Bill Buford. Both of these writers turn out to have the same knack for taking what could be fascinating up-my-alley topics (spiritual awakening/finding self via eating, prayer and hott sex, profesh kitchen slavery, respectively) and rendering them boring via their annoying personalities. Also not to toot my own horn? But I think I got clued in to every spiritual, romantic, and life -revelation that Liz Gilbert discovered in India, Indonesia and Italy over the course of the path month. I win. Um not that winning is important. Ohm.

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  • minou

    seriously. “eat pray love” is about food and travel — my two favorite things in the world. and breakups, which are not one of my favorite things but which i am nonetheless really familiar with. i hated elizabeth gilbert’s book violently. i know that i’m now responding to a post from 6 months ago (which is, oddly, also when i read the book) but i hate this book so much that i will scream it from the rooftops every chance i get.

    thanks for validating me as usual emily.

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