Ruth is moving to New Zealand

This information used to be top-secret, which is why I haven’t previously linked to Ruth’s blog (appropriately titled New York to New Zealand.) Ruth has been documenting all the New York City cultural events and landmark-visiting things she’s crossed off her list before leaving for scenic, balmy Middle Earth, which is exactly what New Zealand, unsurprisingly, looks like in the pictures Ruth emails me whenever she feels second-guessy. It’s all grassy glades and possibly-Ent-containing forests. And this picture I swear is of Mount Doom!

mount doom.jpg

Make sure to stay tuned to find out what happens to Ruth when she actually departs, which happens frigteningly soon. I know what will happen to me: I will break my no-crying-in-the-office streak. Damn it!

Another thing you need to read today is this interview with Janice Dickinson about her new “book.” She uses the word “connotate.” TWICE. Would that she had not gotten her lipo-sculpted ass fired from ANTM. She and Jade would have bonded like two toxic compounds.

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