Cheating, prospering

An excerpt from Dean Wareham’s book Black Postcards gives a fairly detailed account of how exactly he went about leaving his wife for his band Luna’s new bassist, Britta Phillips. “I had become acutely aware of where I was sitting in our rented van. I used to think of it as sitting in the [...]

You must not know about me.

Some songs — especially songs about putting everything you own in a box — were born to be country songs. There is a very large, soft audience member reverently mouthing the words around 2:16 who is not to be missed.

Boerum Hill Heartbreak, but for real

So to get home from the Bergen St. F stop, I can either walk up Smith or up Hoyt.  Of course for the past couple of days morbid curiosity has led me to choose Hoyt, where there are still tv news crews stationed outside the big green house on the corner that used to belong [...]


The puppy’s favorite toy right now is this moose head attached to a ball. It’s like no-limbed moose with a monotesticle. She will run around in circles with it and then finally decide it is defeated and knaw on it for like twenty minutes. The mooseball makes me feel like that episode of [...]

Sad literary men

*Blog renaissance update: Bennett is also blogging again at It’s a good thing, too, because otherwise the Internet would have never heard about this Corey Worthington person.

*I read my frenemy Keith Gessen’s book ‘All The Sad Young Literary Men‘ finally while RC was visiting from San Francisco, and one night she picked it [...]

They let you bring a dog to the office here

Oh my god

Emily Magazine has been defunct since late summer and now it’s back up and running, sort of.  Apparently it will take some time to make it look pretty again.  Everything to do with the technical aspect of making this blog work has always been beyond my comprehension, and, in an eerie way, the blog’s fate [...]