Businesswoman's special

I read JD Samson’s post about the crappiness of having to psychologically and practically reconcile her early financial success with her current financial struggles with cringey mixed feelings.  It reminded me of a post I wrote for the Hairpin about a year ago. I am so embarrassed by this post that I can’t even reread [...]

Rugelach with Jon-Jon Goulian

I’m told that I mispronounced “rugelach” throughout this episode but otherwise I think this is a good one. Thanks as always to Val and Andrew and very special thanks to honorary associate producer Kate Gould, who provided moral support, cleanup and pizza on the day of filming (also gave birth to me, rendering this [...]

New Vid

After you watch Bryan Charles’ Cooking the Books you should spend some time poking around the new Blip show-page. It is nice there but it kind of has the eerie empty-building feel of a website that is unused to receiving visitors.  Like, there is one comment on any of the videos and I believe that [...]


“Back in the early days of New Narrative,” writes Dodie Bellamy in her book of blog posts The Buddhist, “when we were all wanting to be in one another’s work, I complained to Kevin, why don’t you write about me, and Kevin said he didn’t write about me because writing was an exorcism, and he [...]


is not an adjective that describes Cooking the Books — yet.  I’m sure once they start having an Emmy category for Lo-Fi Internet Cooking Show we will be a shoo-in.  It is however an adjective that describes A Visit From The Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, which won a Pulitzer!  To celebrate let’s all re-watch [...]

Sigrid Nunez on Susan Sontag

A great excerpt from this book is here …

How should a person blog

Just a quick note that I will be in Chicago for the second time in my life on March 13, talking about blogging, literary fame, and the new play Sex with Strangers with author and blogger Claire Zulkey at Steppenwolf.  If you’re a Chicago-based Emily Magazine reader, do stop by!  It’s only $5, which I [...]