I depend on me

“This is incredibly cheesy but I think about independence a lot this time of year. And not in, like, a geopolitical sense,” I told my friend Jami at lunch yesterday.  After I explained why, she told me that her acupuncturist told her that the body remembers the anniversaries of emotional wounds as well as physical [...]

Two Films, One of Which I'm Backing

Six days ago, Bret Easton Ellis’s Kickstarter campaign for his film project The Canyons met its goal of $100,000 and was funded. It has now exceeded that goal by an additional $59,015, thanks to the support of 1,050 backers who purchased various rewards with their pledges.  Some of these rewards are ordinary — autographed scripts, [...]

Ought You To Know?

In seventh grade I was sent to the principal’s office for making posters and taping them up in the hallways of my school. The posters deplored sexism in some way; maybe there was some school policy that I found sexist. I wish I remembered the details. I do remember finding it maddening and a [...]

Laughing and crying

“Writing about the buddist here has been public display, of course, but it’s been a public display of trying to figure something out, I’m not sure what it is – something about desire, obviously, and the trajectory of mourning – but also about boundaries, about secret/public, about embodiment and meaning, and the fragility of the [...]

Re: Things I Ate That I Love

This is for the person who searched for “Why did Emily Gould delete Things I Ate That I Love”?  I didn’t, I just changed its URL (stupidly, I think now) to http://emilygould.tumblr.com.  I wanted it to be clearer it was me when I reblogged or left a note on something, was part of my thinking?  [...]

Our graffiti

Lately because of Emily Books I’ve been trying to anatomize my own taste. It’s not that I have to figure out why I like the things I do but it would probably be helpful to understand my impulses as I try again and again to explain what these books do that’s different from what [...]

Chad Harbach makes protein bars

The Art of Fielding is a great book and a popular book — an odd and miraculous-seeming combination!  Chad Harbach is a great person and now, after years of hard work and no ego rewards, also a successful person. Another too-rare combination.

Hemp protein powder, yogurt, agave syrup and oats are also weirdish things to combine [...]